Is this an end to Naina & Karan’s relationship on ‘Ek Shringar Swabhimaan’?
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On ‘Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan’ we have seen how Naina and Karan fostered their relationship starting with the bond of friendship. How the two cared for each other supported during the thick and thin.


However, ever since Karan’s health condition came into picture and Meghana intervened, Karan started blaming himself over and over again for everything that Naina had to go through. He held himself responsible and got into his own shell. The circumstances created distance between the two to an extent that Karan had to tell Naina to leave him and the house forever.






With a very heavy heart Naina and Sharda left the house, although everyone tried stopping but nothing worked.


On the way Naina told Sharda that she wouldn’t go to Bundi but stay somewhere nearby as it’s the matter of her mother’s and her own prestige. Sharda understood her heart and supported her in her decision.






Meghana and Kunal followed them and met them finally. Meghana asked Naina to come back but Sharda tried to make her understand. Meghana agreed but declared she would be in full support of her mother and sister ensuring their ‘Swabhimaan’ (self-respect) stays intact.






How do you think Naina will manage? Will Karan realize his love for Naina? Will he do something?


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