Is the truth about the unfold?
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  • November 12, 2018
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Tonight, on Bepannaah, Aditya gets a dream about his childhood and vaguely hears the name Dadeech. Meanwhile, Nani is getting the house cleaned and notices that everything is in a mess and that the drawers are open. RV then sees the button and remembers that his tenant was wearing the shirt which had the same button. On the other hand, Aditya and Zoya reach an old unused house and they start cleaning it. They see all the photos in the house and a photo in which the face of a man is scratched. Both of them wonder who this could be.


Meanwhile, back in the Hooda house, Anjana is waiting for Aditya to join the Diwali maha-aarti. Just then, RV and Nani enter the Hooda house and they decide to reveal the truth to everyone. Before the aarti, when Harsh Hooda and Aditya start the aarti, we see that the lights go off and everyone is stunned after they see RV narrating the past story of Harsh Hooda and calls him his Dad in front of everyone. What does this lead to? How do the Hoodas react to this? Stay tuned to Bepannaah from Monday to Friday at 10:30 pm!

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