Is Saumya Alive?
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Saumya successfully convinces the villagers in keeping her whereabouts a secret. In the midst of this, Saumya bumps into Karina and Ravina. She is extremely nervous and scared on seeing them but before she can say much, Karina and Ravina tell her that Harman has sent them to kill her. She is shocked on hearing this. Karina and Ravina’s goons plan to drown her, but Soumya runs away shouting for help. Just then, Saaya and the other kinnars arrive there and beat the goons up. Just before she could inform Harman about finding Soumya, Soumya begins to step back from them.





While looking for Soumya, Harman runs into a Fakeer and asks him for his blessings. The Fakeer blesses Harman and gives him a tabeez that will help him get what he wants. Saaya informs Preeto and Harman about seeing Saumya in Ludhiana and Harman leaves immediately to find her. On reaching Ludhiana, Harman is stunned when a cop shows him a sari along with jewellery of a lady who drowned. This sari resembles to one that Soumya wore. Harman is shocked that Soumya might not be alive anymore. Sameer and his mother on the other hand are worrying about Soumya. They come to know that her in-laws must have sent someone to kill her. What’s Saumya’s fate? Stay tuned to know what happens next. 




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