Is Rishi’s life in danger on ‘Kasam’?
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Tanuja and Rishi have always been prone to a series of mishaps/misfortunes in their lives which have brought them face to face with trouble countless times but their love for each other is so strong that they continue to endure despite nature working against their relationship. In the last episode, we saw Rishi looking for a suitable match for Tanuja at the party so she can get married. Tanuja reluctantly agreed to it with a heavy heart. At the same time, Shekhar was plotting to abduct Tanuja.

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Tanuja, firm in her belief that she could never be with someone else told Rishi that she will not meet anyone else and walked away. Rishi tried to follow her to the storeroom but was cornered by Shekhar’s thugs in the dark who were looking for Tanuja. The thugs hit Rishi in the head with a rod from behind and put him inside a large sack thinking it was Tanuja they actually captured.

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Tanuja, who was crying outside in the garden saw the thugs carrying a large sack and got suspicious. She then saw Rishi’s hand hanging out of the sack and recognised his watch. She immediately started running towards the car as the thugs drove away. Tanuja tripped over a rock while running and fell down.

Is Rishi’s life in danger? What will Tanuja do now?

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