Is Niyati going to solve it all?
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This week on Tantra, we see Inspector Bharat interrogating Kanchan when Akshat and Niyati enter to rescue her. Kanchan reveals to Niyati that she has seen a lady behaving mysteriously in the party, and on Niyati’s request she agrees to help them in making that lady’s sketch. At Jalsa we see a lemon near Kartik along with the house reacting angrily when he talks against it. Going forward, in a dream, Niyati experiences the house reacting to all the black magic that’s been done on it. She also witnesses Mohan’s ghost coming out of the wall. She wakes up with a jolt and sees Shambhu on the dressing table mirror asking for help but dismisses it thinking it was just the imagination of her worked up mind. Niyati assures her maid Geeta that she will find some lead which will speed up the process of finding her missing husband Mohan. Does Niyati succeed in doing so?





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Going forward, Saudamini hypnotizes three goons to follow her orders. The goons under the black magic of Saudamini start behaving like zombies and start attacking everybody. Akshat gets stuck in a situation where he has to save either Niyati or Kanchan. He chooses Niyati first and then saves Kanchan. The goons after a point start fighting amongst themselves which confuses everybody. In this confusion, the goons jump off a cliff and end their lives. At Jalsa, Akshat tells everybody about Mohan’s death which involves Saudamini. Geeta overhears this and is extremely shocked. What happens next? Tune in to Tantra from Monday to Friday at 11 pm. 

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