Is Nimboli following her mother’s footsteps unknowingly? #Balika Vadhu
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  • March 9, 2015
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Today's episode of Balika Vadhu will open up with Bindiya's tausa (uncle) dragging her out to come along with him despite her being unwilling. Just then Anandi reaches out to them and raises an objection but the man pays no heed.In fact Bindiya pleads in front of Anandi asking her not to get herself involved.

Meanwhile, we see Kundan telling his father that he is going on an outing with his friends andAkheraj handovers him some cash immediately. Kundan bloats in pseudo pride and troubles Nimboli by ordering her to  polish his shoes, just how his father does, thinking she would get scared , but Nimboli starts laughing and giggling at Kundan's audacity. 

In the Badi Haveli, we see Abhimanyu growing envious by the day as he sees Kalyani Devi narrating a story to Shivam. He doesn't like it.

Will this jealousy and dislike lead to indifference between the parents of the two children? Will Anandi and Jagya be wise enough to handle it maturely?

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