Is Meethi a curse on Mukta’s life?
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One man’s loss is another man’s gain; well that is what Uttaran is all about. It seems Meethi and Mukta are carrying forward the legacy of Tappu and Iccha. Where earlier Tappu’s happiness was always over shadowed by Iccha’s sadness, something on the similar lines is happening with Mukta over these years.


Whenever Mukta thought that spring is round the corner in her life, happenings in Meethi’s life empower the way Mukta gets treated.


Earlier when Mukta confessed her love for Vishnu and thought that Meethi would step back and sort the knots, Damini forced Meethi to marry Vishnu affecting Mukta’s life.


And now that finally Vishnu realized his love for Mukta and they were about to start a new chapter, Meethi was mistakenly shot by Agarth. Meethi is paralyzed now, and the whole family is praying for her well being. But what about Mukta?


We asked Meethi aka Tina if she feels guilty of the fact that she is seen as a curse on Mukta’s life and pat comes the reply, “It was not because of me that Mukta’s life get affected all the time, if you take a closer look, you’ll see it was always Naani who brought in these changes. If I would have been aware that Mukta and Vishnu love each other I wouldn’t have taken such a drastic step. Even now destiny is to be blamed; I saved the love of my life, by taking the bullet on his behalf. Infact it is because of Meethi that both Vishnu and Mukta are now married.”


We also curbed Mukta on how does she feel that Meethi’s life is sailing away on her expenses, “Intially Mukta was miffed from Meethi, but then she was unaware of the fact that Metthi doesn’t know the truth.  When Mukta saw Meethi as Mrs. Vishnu, she was devastated, shocked and upset. Though being sisters and sharing a bond that strong, hard feelings did creep in. But hasn’t it been for Meethi’s efforts, Me and Vishnu would still be longing for each others love. It was her efforts and sacrifice that we both are together now. And for what all she did, I can’t leave her alone at this point of time when she needs me the most.”

Well we smell a lot of sisterhood here, stay tune to know what twist and turns are up in Uttaran.


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