Is Kartik involved in Sunaina’s murder? #SSK
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We have seen how Roli has been having a tough time solving Sunaina’s murder mystery. It has been quite stifling for her, but as we all know, Roli is one woman who doesn’t give up easily. In the progressing plot, Roli gets her hands on Sunaina’s diary. After reading the diary, she concludes that there is some connection between Sunaina’s murder and Navjeevan Hospital. Without wasting any time Roli gets herself admitted to the same hospital only to be trapped by a set of doctor’s team lead by Kartik. That is when Aditi comes to Roli’s rescue in the hospital.
The mysetry is around the hospital. Roli manages to find out about hospital’s illegal trading of organs by mutilating patients’ bodies. “A doctor by profession Kartik is involved in illegal organ trade. There are few secrets of Kartik that his bhabhi Sunaina got to know. Now it is Roli who is trying to solve the mystery behind Sunaina’s death,” Prateek Shukla told us who is playing the character of Kartik in Sasural Simar Ka.
Prateek is happy about playing Kartik. “It is interesting to play the grey character Kartik as till now I have only played positive characters. These days usually the negative characters are women-centric but I have been lucky to get such a strong character,” he added.

Back to back twists and turns in the show have managed to keep the viewers glued to the TV screen. Is Kartik the real culprit behind Sunaina’s murder? Or he is doing it for someone else? To know more keep watching Sasural Simar Ka Monday to Saturday 7:30 pm!

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