Is it Brinda V/S Shalaka now?
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  • Nupur Jetly
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  • March 20, 2020
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  • 11:13 am

Tomorrow evening on Naagin, Shalaka and Mundika think that they need a plan as Brinda has started attacking. She even tells her that she needs to fight for her right and space as she wants Dev. Meanwhile, Dev asks Brinda to be his wife. This leads to an intimate moment between them where he’s lying down with her on bed. Just then Shalaka enters the room, gives him a towel and asks him to freshen up. Brinda even tells Shalaka that she is stuck in the wrong space. In anger, Brinda throws Shalaka out of room and Dev asks Brinda about sound he heard. To this, Brinda said that Shalaka was angry and she left.


Later, Shalaka is all dressed up and is seen ordering servants to move things around. Vrushali and Ketki also come there to help her. We learn that these preparations are for the muh dikhai rasam. During this rasam, Baa tells Dev to tell Brinda to not come down. This leads to an argument between them but eventually they end up going down together where the rasam is happening. On seeing this, Rohan holds Dev’s hand and makes him sit next to Shalaka. Shalaka confronts Brinda about already having a baby. This irritates Brinda and she asks her to mind her own business. Will this be a deal breaker for the Parekh family? How will they react to this?

Tune in to Naagin tomorrow evening at 8 pm to know more.

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