Is it all over for Praneet and Gautam?
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  • November 7, 2014
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It’s a clear love and hate relationship between the two boys! It all started in the kitchen with the topic over a garbage bag which was apparently not kept properly.Gautam asked Praneet who was in charge to take care of those things, to which Praneet said he doesn’t know.This further engaged them an unnecessary argument wherein Praneet lost his cool complaining he was getting irritated by Gautam as the latter was constantly repeating the same thing again and making a small thing an issue,at the same time Gautam back fired at Praneet that he used a very wrong word for him which wasn’t acceptable at all,and he should think before he speaks.


Later however,Puneet controlled the entire situation by actually acting like their guardian! And the two were seen hugging each other post talking the matter out! But have they really forgiven each other? Considering the fact that their relation is already going through troubled waters for quite sometime now.Which word offended Gautam? Will line of daraar between them ever fade in truest sense?


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