Is Ishika getting married?
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  • October 8, 2018
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This week, we see a drunk Roop walking on the streets recklessly and is also about to meet with an accident. When Shamsher reaches there, he confronts Roop in front of the villagers. Ranveer, on the other hand, seems happy seeing Roop in this condition. The next morning, an angry Kamla refuses to even look at Roop’s face. Roop apologizes to Shamsher and declares that he is in love with Ishika. Shamsher then asks him to refrain from her and angrily leaves from there.


In another sequence, Roop is against the idea of Jigna going back to her in-law’s house as she won’t be safe there. Meanwhile, Ishika is also shocked when she gets to know that her uncle has proposed Ranveer for her. What does this lead to going forward? Ranveer tells Roop that Ishika’s uncle is forcing her to get married. Roop wants to speak with Ishika to clear misunderstandings and insists that she should not marry someone forcibly. How does Ishika take this? Will she understand Roop’s point or judge him based on the past event?


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