Is Dimpy trying to create rift between P3G?
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And finally the most awaited day arrived! Around morning, Big Boss announced the captaincy task ‘Captaincy mere haath mein’ which comprised of an action packed task where a circular shaped property was given to the housemates with letter ‘C’ embossed on it. The contenders fighting against each other were to hold the same with one hand without leaving it in between or even changing hand! Yes not even attending to nature’s call. Oops! So who were the contenders? They were- Pritam, Dimpy, Praneet and Gautam, who held on to the object.

Everything was going fine and in fun atmosphere when all of a sudden Dimpy got into a debate with Praneet by going into the past asking him why did he betray Gautam? And it looked like as if Praneet went mad after that. Realizing that Dimpy would reveal all the truth in front of everyone as in the strategies that were being planned against Gautam, he back fired at her telling she had no right to talk over the matter. Everything was still under control and the four took things quite in stride. But Dimpy was in little whoopee mood and thought of having some more fun so she tried pouring a little water over Pritam and in order to protect himself Pritam jerked his hand in a way which dropped the mug he was holding also spilling a little water over his mic.

 Pritam got a little aggressive and started shouting at Dimpy. The argument snowballed to such an extent that Diandra being the current captain had to intervene; she initially thought they were trying some prank but eventually things got clear that it was something serious. While all this was on the housemates complained of Dimpy’s shrill voice which was quite annoying! Dimps, I wish you were a little softer please! Things took an ugly turn when Dimpy openly accused both Pritam and Praneet to have back stabbed their own friend. All this while Gautam kept his mouth zipped and felt better not to be involved. As Dimpy took  all the panga!

What will provoke Gautam to pick up a fight with Praneet? Who will finally become the captain of the house?!


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