Is destiny bringing Tanuja and Rishi back together?
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Seven years passed by, both Tanuja and Rishi moved on in their lives after being torn apart getting separated with each other. But life moves on, however for Rishi and Tanuja fate always comes up with a new surprise.


In the last few episodes we saw how Tanuja is trying to keep herself happy living abroad with her friend Abhishek and daughter Natasha. But she has definitely not forgotten the person whom she loves the most, Rishi. Rishi on the other hand is often seen intensely thinking about Tanuja, missing her deeply.





Destiny plays its part when Abhishek and Rishi get in touch with each other for business. Abhishek decides to visit India for the same, Tanuja and Natasha come along with him. Incidentally Rishi also comes at the same airport and we sit a hit and miss between the two lovers. They both sense the presence of each other strongly but don’t get to meet.


Mystically Natasha unknowingly gets to meet her father, Rishi. But they both remain unaware about their relation.






The question arises, now that Tanuja is back in Mumbai, will the two get to see each other or now the story of the two lovers will be of them staying apart forever?






Can you guess, what’s going to happen?


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