Is Bela in trouble?
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Vyom barely recovers from his loss of sight and the first thing he sees is that Vikrant is leaving his sister’s room. Vyom becomes very furious and tells everyone in the house about this. Everyone is shocked and angry with him. Andy shouts and asks Yuvi to apologize to Vyom and his family. Mahir, on the other hand, couldn’t stand Yuvi’s behavior and tells him that he should learn to respect women and tells Yuvi to leave the house. At this point, Vyom intervenes and says that Yuvi can stay only if he promises not to repeat such kind of nuisance ever again. Later Vyom and Vikrant talk to each other in a closed room and join hands to destroy their common enemy, Bela.










To kill Vyom, Bela takes him to the haveli and finds that her sister, Juhi is alive. Bela is ready to do anything to save her sister. For starters, she tells Mahir that she had a past with Vyom. Mahir does not believe this and understands Bela is lying about Vyom. At the end of the episode, Bela, Vishakha, and Vikrant fight the vultures to save Juhi and are successful in doing so. What happens next? Stay tuned to Naagin 3 every Saturday and Sunday at 8 pm. 

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