Is Ahaan and Pankti’s love jinxed?
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In the London special series of Tu Aashiqui, Ahaan and Pankti go through a lot together. From cherishing the good times to handling the bad times together, these two are nothing but perfect. While walking towards the hotel, we see someone in the washroom. Pankti gets frightened and on hearing someone calling her babu, she gets worried! She is being followed by a stranger who is in a hoodie and she is  panic-struck!


While playing the guitar, this stranger ends up pressing a button on the remote and Ahaan gets a shock! On reaching the location, Pankti gets her guitar but doesn’t catch hold of this guy who hurt Ahaan. Because of the shock, Reyansh convinces Pankti to go out and meet people, however, on reaching the venue, someone passes a comment on Pankti that leads to Ahaan and Reyansh fighting with them. In a sequence going forward, Ahaan proposes to Pankti in a church where her veil catches fire. Who is coming in the way of their happiness? Stay tuned to find out all about their journey in London!





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