Is Aditya prepared to hear the truth?
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Waseem takes his family for dinner to Dr. Inayat's house where they discover that she knew Pooja. The next day, Zoya visits Dr. Inayat at the hospital where she comes to know that Pooja was pregnant with Yash's baby. Zoya requests Dr. Inayat to testify this in the court to prove Yash's innocence but Dr. Inayat refuses. When the Hooda family comes to know about this, they threaten to destroy the evidence. When Zoya tries to fight them, Waseem tells her that no lawyer is ready to fight the case due to the opposition of Mr. Hooda.




Zoya accepts her defeat and is about to leave the city when Sakshi comes to her house and takes her to Hooda house. Here, Aditya tells her that he worshipped Pooja as an angel, but she turned out to be the opposite. This outrages Sakshi and she decides to tell Adi the truth. 

How will Aditya react to the truth?

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