Introducing ‘The Great’ Pappu #IGT6
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  • April 16, 2015
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Ever heard of the line ‘har ek friend zaroori hota hai’? Well, let us make it very clear ‘har ek friend bilkool zaroori nahi hota’. Especially, when you have a friend like ‘Pappu’ in your life or around you or anywhere near you. Before you get carried away, let’s meet the one and only ‘the great Pappu’.
Pappu is one of those human beings, who is just a common man but loves to believe that he is extremely special for any vague reason and thinks that he is the only talented man alive. Not only this, but Pappu thinks that his talent is classified and he is extremely overconfident about it. In fact, he is absolutely proud of his record breaking skills. So much so, that he  is challenging you all that he can win the grand title of ‘India’s Got Talent’ without a doubt.
With a self proclaimed record in breaking world records he doesn't shy away from tall claims of taking up any challenge that comes his way. Apparently, Pappu very staunchly believes that ‘India’s Got Talent’ should be renamed and changed to “India’s Got Pappu”. He doesn't shy away from showing off his trophies and medals that he has won for breaking or creating records which according to him are the real ones.
Well, we feel that it is time to burst the cute little bubble that Pappu is living in. If you are with us, click here to play along! 
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