Inside Scoop: When contestants become Ghajni!
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  • October 12, 2015
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The Bigg Boss has arrived. The season seems to have kicked off a fun note with double dose of trouble.  Apart from being paired, our contestants are already getting a taste of ‘living life Bigg Boss style’. As swanky as that sounds, the truth is far from it.

They were left aghast when the entire suitcase dilemma happened and in their head they seemed to have sacrificed ‘a lot’ already. After all roti-‘kappda’- aur makaan isn’t a choti baat for all our jodis. Little did our jodis know that once they got done with this, they would be losing out on the precious sleep too. Ouch! We say. And bat our eyes with the thought halo called “hail to trouble”. The week has begun and the needle of nomination is pricking everyone’s mind and tongue. Shakespeare once said, “ What’s in the name?”. Well, if he could watch the nomination round to see how all the contestants mix-and-so-not-match and goof up the names of the house mates, he would surely have a new story up his sleeve. Fun? Funny? Or Punny? Let’s wait and watch!

To catch more buzz on the first week nominations, tune into Bigg Boss season 9.

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