Inside Scoop: Sushant ko Gussa kyun aaya?
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  • October 6, 2014
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The cheerful and entertaining Sushant unleashed his furious side today!

One person who is famous for his cool temper in the house was Sushant, but what happened inside the house that made him all furious and swear in front of the cameras?

During the luxury task given by Bigg Boss, the things went out of control and the ladies of the house got into a hustle. During this dhaka mukki, Deepshika banged herself against the mirror wall in the washroom, breaking the mirror and her head, by the push given by Karishma, Soni and Natasa.

Seeing this aggressive side of the ladies of the house during a fun task, Sushant lost his cool and blasted on everyone present there including the Babbar Sher of the house.

Well, this game surely brings out various shades of grey!

Over n Out Khabri

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