Inside Scoop: Sukirti and Natasa confront Puneet!
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  • September 30, 2014
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On day 2 of Hijack task, Pritam's team girls were angry with team mates Puneet and Praneet. Despite getting tortured by Deepshikha's team a day before, Puneet helped them while their task was exactly the opposite. They were supposed to annoy and irritate them!

While Sukiriti, Soni and Natasa were trying to annoy the rival team, Puneet went forward and passed water and towel to the rival team member and provided them comfort. Natasa, Soni and Sukirti gave up the task because their team lacked bonding and strategy. Moreover even Praneet did not show any interest in the task. 

Witnessing all this, the girls left the task midway and went inside the aircraft. When after sometime Puneet and Praneet entered the aircraft, girls confronted Puneet and Praneet about how much they had to bear in yesterday's task and still why are they helping rival team?

Puneet and Praneet defend themselves by saying that they can not go beyond their moral and ethical value just to win a task!

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