Inside Scoop: Is Minissha the luckiest girl on earth?
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  • October 9, 2014
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A prince charming will come your way with his rehearsed moves and would sway you off your feet, lift you in his arms and take you around…ain't this the dream that every girl wishes for, to come true. 

Minissha's prayers were finally answered, when the Bang Bang actor, Hrithik Roshan, to everyone's surprise lifted her in his arms.

So the fairy tale goes like this, everyone was assembled  in the garden area to perform Hrithik's Bang Bang dare of walking on the broken glasses. While everyone in queue was waiting for their turn, Hrithik spotted Minissha hiding near the porch, to get away from the task.

Even after various shout outs when Minissha didnt turn up, Hrithik went ahead and lifted the damsel in his arms and brought her to perform the dare. Oh my my! Those few seconds of pure awesomeness, being in the arms of the heartthrob of millions, bliss!

Watch Hrithik's exclusive interview here!

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