Inside Scoop: Is it ‘Pack-Up’ for Natasa?!
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  • October 7, 2014
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‘Ye game nahi asaan, bus itna samajh lijiye…’ getting locked down inside the Bigg Boss house is definitely not an easy task, especially when you are devoid of food and family. Looks like it is getting difficult for our videsi import Natasa to survive and handle the pressure of the Bigg Boss House.

Post the luxury task, Natasa broke down in front of the camera and pleaded Bigg Boss to let her leave. According to her this is not the game that she can play. All the fights and tedious tasks are taking a lot out of her. Supporting her were Karishma and Soni, who requested Bigg Boss on her behalf.

When after numerous pleas, Bigg Boss didn’t call Natasa inside the confession room, she herself started packing her bag and bidding good bye to the fellow mates. It is a shock for her to see the housemates fighting amongst themselves for survival, she confessed to Sushant.

Will Bigg Boss let her leave? Or Will Natasa come out of this as a much stronger player? 

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Over n Out Khabri

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