Inside scoop: Cats talk about kittens!
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  • October 14, 2014
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Girls can talk on anything and everything on the planet. So when yesterday Ms Khabari saw all the talkative cats of the house together discussing something, she got curious.. And guess what were they talking about? The cats were talking about kittens! 

So it all started when Minissha told how much she loves kittens and she would love to have one for herself. Diandra quickly said that she also likes kittens and she has some really beautiful ones. It was a pleasant surprise to see the cats talking so lovingly, who otherwise are mewing aggressively at each other all the time.  

This Khabri just wishes and prays that our very own cats always remain cordial like this and never yell, oops! I mean mew at each other *wink*

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