Indiawale blame Gaurav for misguiding them during the ranking task on Bigg Boss 10!
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  • October 23, 2016
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The contestants have a new task where they need to rank themselves between 1 and 15 based on what attempts they made to connect with the audience while on Bigg Boss 10. Two points to be considered while giving ranks are popularity in the house and popularity outside, amongst the audience. However, the task is misunderstood and they give first rank to Rahul.


PIC 28


PIC 06


Salman explains the task to them and questions this decision. All contestants realize that they have performed the task wrongly. Indiawale blame Gaurav for misguiding them in this task and say that if the task was performed fairly then Priyanka would be number 1.


PIC 09


PIC 42


Will this lead to another cold war between Celebrities and Indiawale? Stay tuned to Bigg Boss 10, Mon- Fri at 10.30PM and Sat- Sun at 9PM!

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