India’s Got Talent 7: Here’s a look at the seven most hilarious acts from the weekend premiere
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India's Got Talent is back with it's seventh season and it is the perfect blend of singing, dancing and breathtaking acts. Apart from an array of talents, IGT 7 also hopes to provide loads of entertainment and humor. Over the years the judges Malaika Arora Khan, Karan Johar and Kirror Kher have spotted some of the most amazing talents in India and after the premiere last weekend, we hope to see many more come to the forefront.

There were many breathtaking acts in the first two episodes: some of the stunts were incredible especially the Malkhamb act, the car and the bike act which the judges called ‘ the Fast and Furious act’ and the body balancing act and of course the little singing sensation Nand who won everyone's heart with his voice and many more. However, the show also had some unusual contestants who made the judges laugh and ponder in bewilderment.

Given below are some of the acts which would surely give you stomach cramps too.


Why make tea the old-fashioned way when you can brew it like the magician Shyam Kumar. And if making tea over Sidharth's head wasn't enough, he decided to do that blind folded.


Watch out for the new Naagin in the house. Mouni, are you watching this?



Amit Verma took two for tango too literally when he got a bakri on stage with him. And that wasn't just it! After mimicking some of the biggest Bollywood biggies like Johnny Lever and Shakti Kapoor, Amit Verma milked his goat and served it to the judges. Ouchies…You should have seen their expressions.




It was one hell of an eggy affair for Shakeel Ahmed! His talent-drinking raw eggs. Hmmm…All the while, when he was up on stage,  we were wondering what was it that he was trying to do?


He literally gave me hunger pangs! Tarun Kumar's angori act made me wanna jump out of my seat and make a grab for those hanging grapes.Though, Tarun's effort to impress the judges went in vain but his body jiggle and 'shiny disco ball outfit' was the perfect recipe for a good humor..



Why just exercise your vocal chords when you can show off your other talents while doing so. Check out this biker chick!


Farting as a talent is unheard of! Pheww… Just the sound of it makes me wanna run away. And this getlemen put that talent to test on stage. Who does that? 

Do let us know which one was your favorite from above. Stay tuned for more such hilarious performances and amazing acts only on India's Got Talent 7 every Saturday and Sunday, 9 PM


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