In conversation with Vivek Chachre: The man behind Akshat Singh
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Spellbinding everyone with his stupendous performance the child prodigy Akshat Singh won the golden shoes in Jhalak last week. He was the first contestant who made judges bow down in front of his talent and appreciate it with a token of the prestigious Golden Shoes so early in the competition! We got in touch with the man behind Akshat’s moves, Vivek Chachre, who was seen choreographing the very talented Shonali and Sumanth in the previous season of Jhalak. Read on!


How does it feel being the man behind Akshat and Vaishnavi on Jhalak this year?
Oh! It feels really great. I saw Akshat on India’s Got Talent and thought this little kid is a bundle of talent. Being appreciated for my work on the stage of Jhalak is just motivating. It gives me a little push to perform extraordinarily and see that people like my work and enjoy with what I put forward.


How is choreographing Akshat different than choreographing Shonali and Sumanth?
Very difficult but yet entertaining! With Shonali and Sumanth I had to concentrate less on the footwork and more on the lifts and stunts they do, they were trained dancers. But with Akshat it is challenging as his genre is mostly Bollywood. But still I try my best to include some wow factors in his performances.


If given a chance would you like to trade Akshat for some other contestant on the show?
No way not at all, I’m really happy with my baccha party!


Who do you think is giving you a tough call in choreography?
I think everyone is the best at what they do. Where Shakti and Tushar are giving a tough call to everyone, I think Puneet and Shampa are equally brilliant in their choreography. I have to compete with myself and my previous acts. We got a perfect score, so my target would be to get a perfect score every week. I would try and put forth a routine which would amaze the judges and the audiences.


Any dream act that you would want Akshat and Vaishnavi to perform on the stage?
Yes there is, but I don’t think I should be sharing it with you. There wouldn’t be any charm left then if you already know what’s in store, right! But there is something which will make everyone notice what Akshat is capable of. It is a challenge for him too, but I think we will abide by it and sweep the judges off their feet.


Though Akshat is an amazing dancer, but has his heftiness hampered your choreography?

Until and unless you desire to do something, nothing can bring you down. Akshat is very hard working and determined, though it is difficult at times for him to perform some stunts and lifts. I make sure that whatever he does, he does it with perfection. I concentrate on the footwork and adding some wow factors to the act, rest Akshat tops it up with his expressions.


Akshat is known for all those latkas and matkas, as a full on Bollywood style dancer. So how do you tone down his Bollywood zing for some acts which requires more of a poise and controlled stature?
This was my biggest challenge. Akshat hardly knew other dance forms, so taking him out of his comfort zone and making him perform a Paso Doble, something which he hadn’t even heard of, was really difficult. But he is really hard working and he makes sure that whatever he does he does it with utmost perfection.


5 things that will make Akshat and you reach the finale of Jhalak this year
My choreography, Akshat’s hardwork, people’s votes, our team work and God’s blessings.


Out of the three judges whose comments matter the most?
Whenever I plan an act I keep three things in mind: The dance style, the concept and the expressions. Dance style shoule be flawless so that Remo Sir can stand up and shout ‘This is It!’, concept should be great so that I can get words of appreciation from Karan Sir and expressions should be amazing so that my act looks ‘purrfect’ to Madhuri Ma’am.


Any of your dreams that you would like to share with us?
I’m a huge SRK fan and one day I would like to choreograph for him and also share the stage with Hrithik Roshan. He is like the dancing Greek God of Bollywood.

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