In both the Nikaah sequences my tear fell down at the perfect time: Preetika
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Emotions always work for Indian viewers when it comes to our daily soaps. We never mind crying along with our actors sobbing on-screen. In fact those emotional scenes become the most memorable scenes for the viewers. The actors work really hard to make their viewers cry. Cut to the first Nikaah sequence of Beintehaa, the lead actress Preetika Rao managed to hold her tear for the perfect timings – Qubool hai. 

In that sequence, her tear fell exactly when she looked up and said ‘Qubool hai’! “Yes, that scene is very close to my heart. I had to literally cry for that shot and I somehow managed to hold that tear and it rolled down on the perfect time when I said ‘Qubool hai’. It was quite a challenge for me as an actor and I managed it well,” Preetika tells us.
Recently, when the second Nikaah sequence of Zain and Aaliya was shot, Preetika again repeated the same efforts and held her tear back. It only fell when she looked up and said ‘manzoor hai’. “By God’s grace, I managed to get the similar emotion to the new Nikaah shot as well. Everyone praised me for that shot,” she adds.
However, in both the Nikaah sequence the falling tear had absolutely different meaning. “The first Nikaah of Zain and Aaliya was an obligation for them. It was full of guilt and grief. The falling tear was full of sadness. Whereas, the second Nikaah happened with their consent and it was full of gratitude and acceptance. This time falling tear was full of gratitude,” she explains.
Great efforts Preetika, no wonder the show is reaching heights!

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