Imarti gets a new family! Weekly Recap (10th-14th Dec)
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It was goodbye for Kairee as this was the last week that the show was telecast. The week saw Ashok's struggle to come back to his family, and a dramatic twist right in the end!

We saw that Prakash was shocked to see his father returning the house papers that Ashok had brought back from the goons. Ashok explained that he was happy that his savings could help him redeem himself. When Prakash showed the papers to the whole family, Anuj had to apologize to Ashok for accusing him of stealing the papers.

Ashok confessed to Ambi that he had saved the house from being sold off. Ambi was overwhelmed and told Ashok that she was happy that she had conspired to get him back to the house behind Imarti and Anuj’s back.

But unfortunately, Anuj heard the whole conversation and warned her to stay away from him!

Ambi tried to justify her stand to Anuj and pleaded with him to forgive her. Anuj agreed to forgive her, on the condition that she throws Ashok and his family out of the house, which Ambi refused to do.

 The next day, Imarti Devi and Ashok had an argument about Ashok being in the kitchen. In Sajni’s parlour, Sweety convinced Sajni to be made a partner in her parlour. Back in the kitchen, Kusum reprimanded Sonu for talking to his grandfather. But surprisingly, Prakash allowed him to talk, indicating that he had forgiven Ashok. Ashok tried to celebrate his anniversary with Imarti by feeding her badaam halwa in front of the family but Imarti slapped his hand away, and yelled at him for trying to celebrate a marriage that he had abandoned.

 Prakash tried to convince Imarti but she broke down, afraid that Ashok would take her children away from her again. Anuj, too, was angry at Ashok for creating the anniversary drama. On the other hand, Sweety and Sunny reconciled with Ashok and Suman.

After the reconciliation, Suman went up to Imarti and pleaded with her to forgive Ashok, as not everyone gets the chance to get their husband back. Prakash told Kusum the truth about him gambling away the house, and Ambi too, confessed to wanting Ashok back in the house. Later, Sonu threatened to leave the house as Imarti was throwing his dadaji out of the house.

 Spurred by Sonu’s threat, Imarti taunted Ashok about using kids to stay in the house and said that if he wanted forgiveness, he should leave the house. As Ashok’s family got ready to leave, Prakash told Imarti the truth about the house and earned a slap in return. Ambi made a last ditch effort to convince Anuj to forgive Ashok but failed. She desperately went to Imarti’s room to talk to her but her plan back-fired as Anuj revealed that Ambi had planned to get Ashok in the house. Ambi still tried to make Imarti realize that she loved Ashok and wanted him back.

 Just as Ashok was leaving, Imarti Devi appeared, wearing a sanyasin’s outfit, and declared that she had no relations left in the world and was leaving the house. Ashok and her sons ran after her to stop her, but couldn’t find her.

Imarti was walking down the road, lost in thoughts of her past and didn’t notice the truck hurtling towards her. Just as she was about to be hit, Ashok pushed her away and the truck hit him instead!

The family took him to the hospital where he was declared critical. Ambi convinced Imarti to go back to her ‘suhagan’ avatar to save Ashok’s life, and Imarti forgave Ashok. 15 days later, Imarti and Prakash had a happy ‘grahpravesh’ together and Imarti passed on the mantle of keeping the family together to Ambi. And they lived happily ever after!


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