Imam’s game continues in the Bigg House
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Even before the morning sun could rise, Imam begins the tour of the modern house on a cleaning spree and is seen ranting about how he is very particular about cleanliness. In the padosi house, post the wake up, Santosh is seen talking to himself about how he falls in love every now and then just like a common man keeps coming down with a cold. Just as the mood in the padosi house is getting lighter, the modern house contestants are seen getting worked up with Imam’s antics. Early in the morning, he gives a hearing to Vishal about how he should be spontaneous and should proactively greet people since Vishal missed out on wishing him good morning. Imam then talks to Vishal about his stint in a reality show and tells him that he is glad he watched the show and knows what everyone’s character is like since he can now play the game better.
While Sapna and Imam are cleaning the bathroom, Mink happens to pass by and Mink and Sapna end up having an argument and Mink cribs to Vishal about how Sapna has also turned into Imam. Simultaneously, Bigg Boss announces that Karishma’s captaincy is over. Karishma and Vishal are then seen discussing captain nominations and that how Imam can also stand up for captaincy. As the day passes, Karishma is seen explaining the game to Imam when Imam tells her that he will continue playing his game and that he has already played a game elsewhere and come, referring to his stint in the padosi house. Meanwhile in the padosi house, Bigg Boss sends a letter stating Aashka should be kept away from all the household chores and it will be the boys who will cook and clean.
Just so that Imam gets acquainted with every contestant in the house, Bigg Boss announces a task ‘Jo hukum mere aaka’, where Imam has to obey the commands of the other housemates and is free at will to deny a task if he thinks it is out of his scope. One by one, everyone in the house start assigning him tasks. While he agrees to do the task that Karishma and Delnaaz have given him, he refuses to do what Niketan and Rajev ask him to do, which ticks Rajev off. Sapna is seen taking Imam’s side throughout.
Rajev is then seen telling Mink and Urvashi that Imam has already broken rules and that everybody should give him a taste of his own medicine. Mink then assigns Imam a task of telling the truth to every contestant which he agrees to and instantly tells everyone what he feels. Rajev then approaches Imam that he shouldn’t have played a spoil-sport and fulfilled the task to which Imam replies curtly- ‘1 down 9 to go’, meaning the rest 9 will at least support him if Rajev doesn’t. As soon as this happens, Imam immediately goes and apologizes to Rajev, but Rajev rejects his apology. Imam then opens up in front of the housemates referring back to his stint at the padosi house and Vishal asks him to stop it right there.
As a part of her task, Urvashi explains to Imam that he should let everything go and at the moment only concentrate on playing the game and nothing else. Imam agrees to it and apologizes once again to everyone in the house.

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