Imam’s back to haiwaaniyat!
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  • December 11, 2012
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  • 3:28 pm

The 'Time Please' task has kept the housemates constantly occupied for a while now. Early in the morning, Sapna and Delnaaz were seen performing the luxury budget task in the garden area, where Nirahua was changing the dials of the clock placed near the gym. Imam was watching along as Nirahua took a break and went to get some sun. As Sapna and Delnaaz couldn’t leave the rotating wheel, Sapna asked Imam to change the dial. A stubborn Imam snapped back saying that it was Nirahua’s turn and not his. Sapna gets furious and tells Imam that everyone is a part of the same team here. Imam retaliates rather cheaply and says that he’s not one of Sapna’s ‘Mad – o- What’ girls whom she can boss over. On hearing this, Nirahua gets agitated with Imam’s cheap comments and goes up to him and tells him to shut up. Imam gets into his rebellious zone and starts taunting Nirahua. Nirahua gets very angry and requests Bigg Boss to control Imam’s behavior or he would break his bones himself. Delnaaz and Sapna calm Nirahua down and tell him to ignore Imam. Sapna tells Imam to back-off and stop talking. Well, seems like the ‘haiwaan’ inside Imam is rising once again, the housemates better watch out for this man’s unpredictable behavior!

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