Imam makes an ‘Ullu’ out of the Housemates
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  • January 9, 2013
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  • 2:09 pm

With a couple of days left for Bigg Boss Season 6 to end, there have been some extremely innovative tasks being given to the housemates in order to make these few days memorable in the house. As a part of one of the tasks, Imam was announced to be the 'Baadshah of the day'. While Imam was more than happy to be obeying Bigg Boss's orders, his co-contestants refused to take him to be the ruler for the day. In order to get them back on track, Imam thought of going the Sapna way and play a trick with the housemates. Acting like Bigg Boss sent in the orders, Imam announced that who ever disobeys or does not listen to Imam shall be entitled to be punished by Imam. Sitting in contemplation after hearing this, the housemates were just making up their mind to obey Imam's rules when Imam broke into laughter and repeated Sapna's favorite dialogue 'Ullu Banaya Bada Mazza Aaya' . Unable to react the housemates just irked it off and got back to their daily chores. Not knowing who was entertained more – Imam or the other housemates, Imam has definitely managed to pull the strings this season with his little nonsensical tidbits.

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