Imam is driving Nirahua insane!
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  • November 28, 2012
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Imam Siddique the hot topic of Bigg Boss this season has not been driving just Aashka crazy with his antics, but the rather calm housemates like Nirahua as well. Since his comeback, he  has not left a single opportunity to make his presence felt in the Bigg Boss house. Nirahua, who was a victim of Imam’s insanity the first time around before he was asked to leave for unruly behavior has been supressing his exasperation for quite few days. But, seems like fights, insults and derogation cannot leave Imam alone for long. Nirahua was seen in the bathroom area when Imam passed by and said – ‘chal side hat’ in a very demeaning manner. Nirahua reacted and went up to him and told him to mind his language and behavior. Interveneing and taking charge of the situation, Santosh walked into the room and told Nirahua to calm down. After sometime, Nirahua was seen exercising in the open area of the padosi house. Notorious Imam was walking up and down in the same space. While passing Nirahua, Imam almost got touched by Nirahua’s hand while exercising. Imam took this up and warned Nirahua and the camera that if by any chance he gets touched, he will definitely not be spared by him! Imam continued to call Nirahua all sorts of things like auto driver, taxi wala etc. Then finally Nirahua lost his cool on hearing such sarcastic and nasty comments and went up to his face and warned him yet again. Imam added fuel to the fire and started demeaning Nirahua even further. Nirahua told Imam that he’d make sure he breaks his teeth before he leaves the house. He also threatened Imam that if he touches him by any chance then he’d bury him alive inside the house itself! Santosh and Vrajesh calmed Nirahua down and explained that there’s no point in getting aggressive with a maniac like him! 

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