Imam can’t hold it any longer!
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  • December 18, 2012
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We told you how after so many weeks of being calm and stoic in the Bigg house, Imam was finally back to his real self, and now slowly but steadily, he is also losing the plot in the game. Well, it became even more apparent during this week's 'Chor, Police aur Aam Aadmi' task. 

Imam being the chor was stealing money when Rajev caught, handcuffed and put into the jail where Aashka, Vishal and Sana are seen hanging in around. Aashka looks at Imam and tells Sana that if Imam misbehaves with her once again then she would become the first contestant in Bigg Boss history to beat up a guy in front of all. Aashka says that she is fearless of the consequences and is confident that her family will take care of the situation rather well. 

Reacting to this, Imam starts calling Vishal a few demeaning names. He goes on to say that Vishal is present in the Bigg Boss house only due to Ranvijay & Raghu's influence. He kept instigating Vishal to touch him once so that he could react physically. Vishal doesn’t take anything to his heart but instead aggravates Imam’s temper by going closer to him and by teasing him with the Police baton. Imam gets infuriated and tells Vishal that he'll set him right, the minute he touches him. Vishal kept his cool throughout and also made some funny comments on Imam's sexuality that got the others like Aashka quite amused. 

Looks like the famous image consultant needs to sit in his own classes!


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