I’m the heroine of the show, can’t sit on a wheelchair for long says Tina Dutta on playing a paraplegic
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Uttaran saw one of the biggest twist when Meethi gets shot. Akash’s prayers get answered and Meethi comes out of danger but due to the shot in the spine, Meethi is bound to be on the wheelchair as she has become paraplegic. 

With every tweak in the plot, the character sketch of our favorite actors also takes a swing.  Our actors go through a lot of research to get into the skin, Tina Dutta also added another shade into her character with her new avatar. We caught up with her to know, what all homework went into playing a paraplegic, “ As a character it is very difficult to play such a role. I gathered as much information as I could on a situation like this. My directors and friends added up to their personal experience, but all the applause goes to my bade papa.  He is in the same situation and I studied his behavior, his way of talking, his ups and downs, his way speech, his actions. For me, it was a role play to be with him and learn what all behavioral changes I need to adapt.” 

On a lighter note it must be fun, to be sitting around and lazing, to this Tina replies, “Oh yes! Trust me, all I need to do on the sets is just chill. People take me around all over the place. I just sit, talk, eat and have fun.”

We quizzed her to know one advantage and one disadvantage of being on a wheelchair, to which she says, “The advantage would be that all my shots happen at one place only, no more work and I get pampered a lot, and one disadvantage would be that I wear such nice and beautiful attires, some graceful sarees which I’m unable to show to my fans, for a girl it is a bit too much to take. Poor me, I can’t flaunt my wardrobe.”

We know what question would be ringing in your mind so we asked Tina if in the near future Meethi would leave the wheelchair behind, to which she informs, “You never know, but Akash’s undying love wouldn’t let me be this way. And to top it all, I’m the heroine of the show, it wouldn’t suit my character if I sit on a wheelchair for long.”

Well we hope we would soon get to watch Meethi running towards Akash.

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