I’m overwhelmed with the response to Beintehaa: Preetika
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  • January 18, 2014
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When a show launches, its stars are anxious and excited to know how the audience’s response. But in these times of social media, it’s very easy to know what people think of a new show. And in the case of Beintehaa, Preetika is thrilled with the reception her show has gotten. 

The actress has seen an outpouring of love on Twitter for Beintehaa, and she’s really happy about it. Preetika says, “I'm delighted with the overwhelming response that I have been receiving daily on social-networking sites from Indians and Pakistanis all over the world who say they are hooked to Beintehaa and love me crazily as Aliya and are totally besotted by the Zain-Aliya chemistry. They literally count the number of hours left for every telecast!”.

This love is definitely well deserved, and new fan clubs for the Muslim drama are coming up as we speak. Well, more is definitely merrier! Preetika says, “Fan Clubs speak about the passionate love that audiences have for their favorite actors. I'm overwhelmed with the response on Twitter and make it a point to follow every one of them! I have been a bit inactive on Facebook but shall get in touch with fans soon.”

Even though she has ignored Facebook for a while, Preetika is very active on Twitter through the handle @preetikatweets and reads every tweet that she gets from her fans, and even sends them a direct message to them! We’ve rarely heard of actors directly responding to their fans this way, so fans of Preetika are really lucky we guess. Preetika adds, “I have received several heart-touching compliments from people from different countries including UK, UAE, USA, Spain, France, Pakistan, Baluchistan etc. who say that they have started day- dreaming about Aliya whom they find very pretty, that Aliya rules over their heart and mind, that they love every little nuances in her performance. And I love the nickname Zaya (Zain + Aliya) so I’m thankful to whoever came up with this name!”

Looks like the internet has given a big thumbs up to Beintehaa, and Preetika aka Aliya couldn’t be happier. So keep the virtual love coming! Do you have anything to say to Preetika? Share with us in the comments section below.

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