I’m ok with comparisons to Bhoomi: Tejaswi (Dhara) #Sanskaar
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We’re sure you’ve seen the entry of the firebrand Dhara in Sanskaar-2. The young girl is as outspoken as she is brave, and has managed to get a reaction (never mind that the reaction is irritation) out of Jai. We caught up with the young Tejaswi, who is breathing life into the character.


Q:  So how have the first few days of being Dhara been?

Tejaswi: It’s been great! I loved the character the first time I heard it, as it was so different from what I had done earlier. Dhara has a lot of moods, and gets caught in different situations. So I’m learning as I go, and it’s a lot of fun!

Q: Talking about learning, what did you have to learn?

Tejaswi: Dhara is a rural Gujarati girl, which is far removed from what I am. She speaks a lot of Gujarati, and it gets a little difficult for me as I have to say words that I don’t know the meaning of! So first I ask the Gujarati people on the set what the words mean, and then I ask them how they are pronounced. But obviously, they are urban Gujaratis so they don’t know the rural accent, which is something I have to do on my own.

Q: You’ve had some pretty good scenes with the cast. How has the experience been?

Tejaswi: It’s lovely. Honestly, if people like my performance, the credit goes to my co-stars. I’ve shot with Jay (Jai), Rajendra ji (Hasmukh) primarily and they’re senior to me. They give me great reactions, help me with the language, and also give me suggestions like ‘Ye dialogue aise bolo to behtar hoga’. Since I’m a good listener, I take all these suggestions and better myself. 

Q: The Sanskaar cast has been together since Season-1. Did you have any apprehensions about bonding with them?

Tejaswi: Initially, yes. I am a very shy person in real life and don’t gel with people immediately. And here they were (the cast), eating their lunch together and being friendly with each other. But once I was formally introduced, it was all smooth sailing as they welcomed me very warmly.

Q: What do you have to say about comparisons between the earlier female lead (Bhoomi) and yourself?

Tejaswi: Comparisons are bound to happen. Even if I see a replacement in a show I make an opinion about who looked better, who acted better, etc. But the good thing here is that I’m not a replacement, I’m playing a fresh character. Dhara is the complete opposite of Bhoomi, so my character’s graph will be totally different. Even if people make comparisons, I hope they like me!

Q: Any parting words for the audience?

Tejaswi: I’m loving the role of Dhara, I find her very hilarious and I’m really working hard to do justice to the character. She’s a fun character and I think humour is very important in today’s stressful lives. So please watch Dhara in Sanskaar and do like her!

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