I’m desperate to be on Comedy Nights With Kapil: Bobby Darling
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How did you bag this role?
I was called to audition for this character of the make up artist who prepares the mask of Soniya for Khushi. However, I wasn’t prepared for the audition still I went and gave the audition. Then I was called back to give a look test and I got this role.
How does it feel to be on Sasural Simar Ka?
I am so happy to be a part of Sasural Simar Ka and Colors. Now I feel the society and people around are accepting me happily. They treat me with respect. I am also happy with my character.
How different is to work for a daily soap?
I have worked in many reality shows before this. I was always told to be loud but on Sasural Simar Ka, I was told to play with eyes and to be more expressive. I was told to mellow down a bit. Initially I felt bad and thought they were underestimating my capabilities. But when I saw the final results on-screen I was very happy.
How is your bonding with the team?
Team of Sasural Simar Ka is very good. All of them were very nice with me. I must say that the younger lot of the show is quite energetic.
How long is your track on the show?
The channel is happy with this track as the show is attracting good TRP. For me, I am enjoying the show and giving best of my efforts. I am getting messages from lot of people and they are appreciating my work.
Are you enjoying your comeback on TV?
Yes, absolutely, I took a two-year break after doing reality shows. After my confessions on the reality shows people started accepting me the way I wanted. However, it was a bit difficult to make a comeback as I wasn’t getting much of work. But then my cameo in Dharma Prodcutions’ Hasee Toh Phasee song Drama Queen made me very popular. It has become a blockbuster. And now I’m on Colors. So, I am happy work is picking up.
What kind of work are you looking forward to?
One thing that I desperately want to do is to be on Comedy Nights With Kapil. I don’t mind even if it is a cameo. It is my request to Colors to give me an opportunity to be on Kapil’s show.
Do you have any dream role?
I really want to play the character of a ‘tawayaf’ like one of those Rekhaji played in many films. I would also like to play any vamp of older times.

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