I’m claustrophobic says Parmeet revealing his phobia
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Has it ever happened to you that you have felt a pinch of concern in the morning when you realized that it is Friday The 13th? It’s time for Triskaidekaphobia, well that’s what the phobia for Number 13 is called. We guess these days its Parmeet aka Gaurav Choudhary who has imbibed this phobia post Bani’s death.


In the past few episodes we saw how Bani has traumatized Parmeet with the number 13, so much so that everywhere all he could see is terror. We got into a conversation with Parmeet and made him answer 13 questions. Read on to know if he actually is phobic to this number or not?


Are you a Triskaidekaphobic?
For me 13 is just a number. But Parmeet in the show has become Triskaidekaphobic owing to what all Bani had been doing to make him confess his crime. 

What other phobias do you have?
I’m claustrophobic. I feel uneasy and restless in a confined space. 

How do you overcome these phobias?
Overcoming a phobia is something which is not easy. In a way, you are facing your darkest fears. All I could do is to avoid getting into any such situation, which make me face my phobia.


First thing that comes to your mind when you hear Friday The 13th!
Oh! This is an easy question. For me 13 is just a date and Friday is supposed to be a movie release. 

Any incident related to Friday The 13th? 
Not yet!  


What do you do on the 13th of every month?
I brush my teeth, take a bath and have my meals on the 13th of every month. *Laughs*

Do you believe in ghosts?
I don’t believe in anything which I haven’t seen. So if in future I come across a ghost I’ll start believing in them. Till then for me ghosts don’t exist.

Any encounters yet?
We are in a generation where we believe in practicality rather than stories and gossip. We are educated people, so in place of spooky stories, we should look for proofs and logics. 

Did u need 13 takes to shoot that promo?
I’m a one take artist. So for me taking 13 re-takes is a big No-No.  


Bani is back!
*Grins* Welcome back my dear wifey!! 

Do you think you shouldn’t have drowned Bani on boat number 13?
I wish I would have paid heed to this earlier. But for future I’ll try and stay away from this number so that it doesn’t haunt me as this one. 

13 ways to impress Bani 
Why to go for 13 ways when the task could be done in one. The best way to impress any girl is to give them freedom. I’ll give Bani the freedom to do what ever she likes to do. I guess this is what every girl wants, isn’t it?

Message to all those who have this phobia 
Guys just relax, 13 is just a number. Think positive, be positive and feel positive. You shouldn’t be scared of anything if you are not wrong.


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