IGT Pre Finale get THESE Fantastic 5 contestants and we can’t wait to see them in action!
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We have seen how tough the fight has been amongst the contestants to make it till the end with the aim of winning. However, there are 5 such contestants who fought real hard to win over the judges. They came up with certain X-factors which made them stand out different from their counterparts. Let's take a re-look at our Fantastic 5 of IGT 6!

1.       Manik Paul – For this lad ‘Mom’ means the world, and when mother’s blessings showers upon someone who works day and night to make his dreams come true, who could stop him from winning? No matter how deadly the difficulties may be. With such unconditional faith by his side, we're sure his Pre Finale performance will blow your minds away! Click here!


2.       Lokendra Pal – There may be no name to his dance form, but whatever he does on stage turns into utter magic taking everyone by awe. This magical boy has already won the hearts of the judges by his dedication and we're sure you're falling in love with him too. Are we right or are we right? Click here!
3.       X1X Junior Group – Madness and Passion, two traits in a performer and dreamer can lead one to exceptional heights. And when the two combines a group like X1X stands out defining the true meaning of talent. We say watch out for this one! Click here!
4.       Warrior Dance Crew- Life’s experiences have taught them everything, and this shows in every performance. Their dance is filled with truth and conviction which just convinces us that they are the real deal. What say? Click here!
5.       Yogeshwari Mistry – This young girl is so calm and composed during her acts that the entire performance looks effortless. Isn’t that one of the qualities of a true performer? We definitely think she's a complete package! Click here!
Tell us who is your favorite amongst these pre-finalists in the comment box below and which contestant are you rooting for!
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