‘If I fall for a girl like Jhanvi in real life, I will get married to her’
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How did you get to the role of Dr Arora?
I got a call from the production house for a look test but that time I was not in Mumbai so I missed it. After 15 days when I came back to Mumbai, I called them again to find out if the role was still vacant. They had finalized someone else but they still called me for the look test and by God’s grace I got the role.
Tell us about your current track?
Dr Arora is a surgeon who has recently shifted to India. He has joined the same hospital where Jhanvi works as a nurse. Dr Arora falls for Jhanvi and wants to marry her.
Tell us about your background?
I did my schooling from Meerut. I graduated in Hotel Management from Ooty and got placed to work in Switzerland in an Asian Restaurant. Then I went to UK and worked there for sometime. Then I shifted to Mumbai.
How did acting happen then?
I always wanted to be an actor but my parents wanted me to complete my studies first. So I graduated and then worked as well. But I always wished to come to Mumbai to pursue acting so I left everything and came here.
What was your parents' reaction?
Initially they were a little apprehensive about me coming to Mumbai but they were always supportive.
But it’s difficult to suddenly leave work and struggle to become an actor…
Yes, it was a struggle. I did not know anyone in Mumbai and had no clue where to go and do what. Then I started visiting production houses and started giving auditions like any other actor.
If you meet a girl in a situation like Jhanvi in real life, would you still get married to her?
If I fall for her, I definitely will.
How similar are you to your character Dr Arora?
I am quite similar to Dr Arora. He is sincere and passionate towards his work so am I. If I’ll fall for a girl like Jhanvi I will also get married to her. So yes, we are similar.
Do you have a dream role?
I would love to play Ranbir’s character from Rockstar.

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