Iccha feels punished as Mukta gets justice: (Uttaran Weekly Recap- 21st -28th Nov)
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Last week on Uttaran Yuvi feels depressed for not being able to saty in his home anymore when Gunwanti comes and assures him that nothing can happen to him. Tapasya watches Gunwanti and Amla's concern concern towards Yuvi and coments in her sarcastic tone that even Yuvi's father wants him to be behind the bars. Amla feels offended and expresses her irritation over what she said about her son. To this Tapasya surprises her by saying that Yuvi is not her son but Iccha and Veer's. Amla is shocked to know that her Choti Sasu maa knows the truth!

In the court Jogi's family meets the lawyer who assures Mukta that she will fight for the justice and a woman's self-respect and she shouldn't be worried as it's not her but Yuvi who has commited a crime. As soon as Yuvi eneters the court room he leaves Gunwanti and grabs Iccha's feet. He calls her 'maa' and pleads for forgiveness leaving Iccha emotionally weak and everyone shell shocked. He promises to never repeat such a mistake and pleads for mercy when Gunwanti drags him away from Iccha.

As the court's proceedings start, Mukta's lawyer calls for the eye witness and Iccha steps in. As she takes the oath she looks at Yuvi and recollects the way he begged for forgiveness.Iccha is then asked to tell whatever she saw in the hotel room. Iccha hesitates and stutters but after gathering some courage from Damini and Mukta, she says that she saw Yuvraj Singh Bundela trying to rape Mukta. Yuvi looks at her in shock while Gunwanti feels disgusted. The opposition Lawyer raises a concern that being raised up by Mukta's nana, Iccha is being loyal to him to save his grand daughter's image. Iccha reveals that it is her misfortune that she is standing against her own blood and breaks down.

After a while Mukta is called to the witness box and is asked some uncomfortable questions regarding Yuvi and her closeness as friends and doubting her integrity. Mukta breaks down saying that she is a dignified girl and it was for the sake of friendship that she had gone to the Hotel to meet Yuvi. 

Yuvi goes up to Iccha and alledges her for being a careless mother and taunts her that none of her Husband, family or son is with her because she doesn't value them and she doesn't care for them.he walks out in fury and frustration but Mukta feels the opposite; she feels proud of Iccha and misses her parents

Meanwhile, Tapasya visits the temple to pray for strength for Mukta where Meethi and Vishnu are also present but they don't notice each-other. Tapasya leaves the temple and meets Rathore afterwards. Meethi tells Vishnu that her mother is the witness for Mukta's case and that she was there to pray for Mukta. Rathore asks Tapasya to cometo the point as he is running late for Mukta's case. Tapasya feels sad for not being beside her daughter in such troubled time and requests Rathore to be there with her. Suddenly, Tapasya spots Meethi and mistake's her for Iccha. And as meethi tries to approach her, Tapasya walks-off.

Meethi follows Tapasya and stops her mid-way as she forgets to take her 'thali.' Tapasya is surprised to see Meethi and tells Rathore that she looks exactly like Iccha. She then tells Rathore to take prasad for everyone in the family but not to reveal who sent it. He ask her to look after herself and leaves. he reaches the court and hugs Mukta.

Second session of the court starts and the Judge praises Iccha's courage to stand aginst her own son. he declares Yuvi guilty of the charge and announces five years' sentence. While leaving with the police, Yuvi curses Iccha and says that he prays that no one should get a mother like Iccha. 

Gunwanti is hocked and she raises her hand to slap Iccha. Damini blocks her hand and says if this hand was raised on Yuvi when he was a kid, this day wouldn't have occured. After everyone leaves, Iccha is seen fighting with her grief alone by crying inconsolably as she remember's Yuvi calling her 'Maa'. As she steps out of the court, she watches Yuvraj being loaded in the police van and taken away. She runs behind the van and breaks down mid-way.

On the other side Tapasya is glad to learn that Mukta has got the justice. She looks at Veer and Iccha's picture and prays for strength for them when Chanda eneters her room looking for the tape. Tapasya confronts her but Chanda refuses to share the reason and stutters dadi's name in hurry. Tapasya assures her that she wouldn't tell anyone what's there in the tape. while leaving Tej bumps into Chanda and she tells him about Tapasya's claims for having the tape. Tej gets worries as he had burnt the tapes.

Gunwanti is sad when Tapasya walks in and tells her that it was because of her upbringing that yuvi had to go to jail. Gunwanti tries to ignore her first but gets frustated and asks Tapasya to leave.

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