I would never be a third person: Tejaswi
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The Sanskaar audience must have noticed  difference in Dhara’s behaviour, as the once chirpy Dhara is now constantly in tears. Why? Because her love Jai is getting married to Deepika, and she can’t do anything about it. So what does Tejaswi, who plays Dhara, think about her on-screen situation?

Tejaswi says, “It took Dhara just a moment to realize that she loved Jai, but she also realizes that she doesn’t deserve Jai because she sees herself as a poor illiterate girl. This makes her happy and heartbroken at the same time, because obviously it’s very difficult to see someone you love go away from you.”

We do see Dhara’s point of view, but decide to quiz Tejaswi whether she would do the same if she were in Dhara’s situation. Tejaswi is quick to reply, “Of course! I would never be a third person in a relationship or force someone to be with me. Regardless of whether the other girl is better or worse than me, it would be the boy’s choice to be with whoever he wants. Even if the girl is pathetic and he’s happy, I’m ok with it!”

In this age of people going to extremes for their love, we’re definitely impressed by Tejaswi’s practical approach to matters of the heart. But there is still one question that rankles in our mind, and that is does the ‘Devotion wala love’ shown in Sanskaar exist in real life?

And here’s what the young actress has to say about this- “Haha! There are a lot of Meeras whose Kishans are with someone else. But honestly, you don’t have to actually say that you are devoted to your boyfriend, because if you love and respect that person, that is enough. Just the fact that you have the guts to come out and say that you are in a relationship with someone tells you that there is respect and devotion towards each other”

So Tejaswi seems to be all sorted when it comes lovey dovey affairs in real life. Let’s hope that Dhara takes a leaf out of her book and sets her life straight!

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