I would have choked Vivek says Candy Brar – The Wild Card Entry
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Candy Brar bus naam hi kaafi hai… may be this is the reason that just a minor mention created waves both inside and outside the Bigg Boss House. Imagine if just a name could create so much of hysteria what would be the scene like, if the person herself is in action inside the house. Well no need to imagine because we caught up with Candy Brar, who is all set to enter the Bigg Boss House as the next Wild Card entrant.  A lot of gossip coming your way, read on!


Why did you choose Bigg Boss?
Very easy…because Bigg Boss called me (laughs). All thanks to Mr. Vivek Mishra and his comment that I said a yes to BB. It is the best show and now even I’m a part of it. I think it’s time for me to go and clarify things, take a stand and give it back to the chosen few.


What are the plans and strategies that you are taking inside the house?

Honestly, no plans. I’ll go with the flow. If you are good to me I’m good and if you are bad to me, then only God could save you.


From Roadies to Bigg Boss, how has the journey been?

Ooh simply tremendous. From being a winner in Gladrags to Roadies to being marketing personnel in Gladrags itself, I have seen it all. Roadies was a tough show, both physically and mentally and surviving in that was a big thing for me. Standing in the queue for Gladrags, winning it and now sitting on the chair and picking out the best of the lot, what more can you ask for. I think I have experienced all the phases of life now and going back to the reality show genre is something that I thought I would never do.


What's your USP?

I'm confident in whatever I do. On one hand where I'm extremely emotional on the other I have a zero-tolerance level. I'm very much unpredictable. So, it would be fun because inmates would never know what I'm upto and what to expect from me.


In an argument with Kushal, Viveik compared himself to you. It seems you are already a part of the game even without stepping in. What do you have to say about this?

I seriously don’t know what was wrong with this guy.  I don’t know him and I was taken aback. Why did he choose to mention me in that argument, even I would like to know. I wish he would have been there inside the house, so that I would have set the record straight. 


Kushal, Gauahar and their proximity, your comment!

I think that’s why I’m going inside the house. I would rather show the world than to reveal it all here. I’m pretty excited up to see how Kushal will react. He would blast off, get all furious and that is what I want, baby! On the other hand I wish them all the best (giggles) and I hope they could stick around in the long run.


What is the first thing that you’ll do when you get inside the Bigg Boss house?

I’ll enter and go right away to Kushal, I’m just dying to see his reaction. Ooh actually I think I would be more eager to see how Gauahar will react. And then I would say the game has begun… Kushal would have never thought in his wildest dream that I would be coming his way. Tell him that world is coming to an end in 10 minutes would be less drastic than me walking up to him, right on his face. I have known him for 10 long years now and he knows that if I loose my cool I would talk a lot more than what I’m supposed to.


Who is your favorite and not so favorite contestant inside the Bigg Boss House?

My favorite would be Armaan. He is very genuine, honest and vocal about what he is and what he feels. He comes out to be very cultured.

And coming to the one I don’t like…no brownie points for that…it would be Viveik for sure. How dare he take my name on the show of which I’m not a part of? If I would have been there, I would have choked him.


Who do you think is the smartest player inside the house?

I think the one who is playing it perfectly has to be Apurva. He is very calm and controlled and I think that is something that will work in the long run.


Well, no one in the game is dumb, but who do think is acting dumb to survive?

Trust me there are many. But I think Andy is somehow behaving very dumb. He is not like this in the real world, but let’s see what he has to offer.


What are the 5 things that you like about Bigg Boss?

Salman Khan 

Salman Khan 

Salman Khan 

Salman Khan 



Wow, that was quick. Now tell us what are the 5 things that you dislike about BB?

Waking up early 

Personal life going for a toss 

Anyone can come barging into my space 

No food 

The morning alarm and I think I would wake up with a migrane. One side there would be Kushal, the other would be Gauahar and than this annoying loud music, Ooh god please save me! 


Any message for your fans

Just keep supporting me guys. Now that I’ll be seen 24×7 people will actually know what I’m and what all I have gone through.


Stay tuned to this space for all the inside scoop on Bigg Boss.

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