I will show Gauahar what a real man is: Ajaz Khan
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The intense actor Ajaz Khan is all set to increase the ‘wild quotient’ of Bigg Boss by entering into Bigg Boss house as a wild card entry, and he has grand plans for the show. Want to know what are these? Read on.


Q: First obvious question, why did you agree to be a part of Bigg Boss?

Ajaz: Look, I’m not an independent person. Indian mothers spoil their sons, and I’m very typical in that sense- I cannot do anything on my own and I’m used to servants doing things for me. My friends, my family, everyone says I’m very spoilt. They also say I’m very moody and crazy, and that I’m perfect for Bigg Boss! So here I am!

Q: Have you seen the Bigg Boss season till now?

Ajaz: I have seen everything that is happening. Langoor ke haath main angoor de rakha hai. I’m going there to save Gauahar, to remind her what a good man is like. My mother says, if you see a donkey everyday, you start loving him too! Elli is also lonely, I will give her company. I also plan to challenge Armaan to some arm wrestling. If he wins, I’ll understand he’s strong. But he won’t even be able to move my arm.

Q: Are you worried about how quickly the last wild card entry (Vivek) exited?

Ajaz:  He was just an entry, he was not wild. Wild card entries should be strong. Usme dum nahi tha. It looked like he was just sent to give the news of the outside world. When a tiger walks in the jungle, the rest of the animals smell his scent and change their path. This is what will happen in Bigg Boss house, I will rule it!

Q: What are your plans inside the Bigg Boss house?

Ajaz: I’m an actor, I’m privileged that I can act. So I’ll entertain a little, will instigate fights, will stop fights, will give the housemates some bodybuilding tips. The housemates who are inside are TV actors, so they become over dramatic. I will do some real acting.

Q: How do you think your interaction with the housemates will be?

Ajaz: I have something to say to every housemate. I will stand up to Armaan and not be silent in front of his abuses. I want to tell Kamya not to be fake, because you’re on TV Be real for the game. Mainly, I’m going there to be friends with Heaven, because I’m not a dog lover and I want to be one.

Q: Who is the strongest contender according to you?

Ajaz: Apurva. He has gotten a lot of sympathy and he has also maintained a good image. He doesn’t have any friends or enemies in the house, because he has the image of a messenger. The housemates have made a Chakravyuh inside the house, and Abhimanyu is here to break it!

Q: What are your strengths and weaknesses in the house?

Ajaz: Strength: I’m very impatient; I don’t tolerate anything or anyone. 

Weakness: Girls. I can’t hurt girls, especially beautiful girls. I also fall in love very quickly so that might be a problem. But they also need a Greek God in the house, and I will show India ki ladki ko kaise patate hai. You guys are going to have a lot of fun! 

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