I was named Ghazal the day I was born: Hargun Kaur
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How does it feel to reach top 10 of IGT season 5?
Obviously, it feels great. It’s an amazing feeling to be among toppers of such a big platform. When I came for auditions I saw so many talented people and to be able to leave them behind and reach the finals is an achievement.
How difficult was it to reach the finale?
It was difficult as there are so many people who can sing well but to make your place amongst winners is a big deal. When I came for auditions I thought I would just perform like I have performed at other places before IGT. So, I didn’t think much and gave my best. I got through but before the culling round I had sore throat and I was unwell. But by God’s grace my throat was just fine on the day of performance. Winning that face-off was like a miracle. Then I sang Kamli in the semi-finals that got me to the finale. So, I would say it wasn’t that easy.
How did you start to sing?
The day I was born my mother named me Ghazal. It’s my nick name. It just happened that I was always related to music. My grandmother taught me to sing devotional music – Shabad when I was a child. Then I started singing in school competitions. When my parents saw my inclination towards music, they started my classical singing training.
What will you sing in the finale?
Finale will have three acts. My solo song is Udi from Guzaarish. Other two songs are yet to be finalized.
What will be the first thing you will do if you win the finale?

I will go back to Amritsar and go to Golden Temple. After that I want to shift to either Delhi or Mumbai so that I can take further training for singing. There are more opportunities to perform and learn there.


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