"I want to beat Andy", says Rajat’s daughter, Gehna
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We have all seen Rajat’s meltdown inside the Bigg Boss House, while he looks more stable now and is trying to be back to his chirpy self, some housemates feel that this is just another way to gain prominence in the show. Its only Rajat, who can tell us what is the truth once the show is over. However, we decided to investigate this situation and met up with his wife and daughter Bhawna and Gehna.
Tanisha being the captain nominated him keeping in mind the fact that Rajat is missing his family badly and he should go home so that he can take care of his health. We asked Bhawna whether she wants Rajat to get evicted from the house or not to which she said,  “I think he is playing fantastically. All our fans and friends are filled with praises the way he is performing. He is one such person who can make someone cry. Usually he is always happy go lucky kind, but if he is crying there is something really big that is taking a toll over him. I want him to come back and take care of his health. One needs his own comfort zone to recover. If you have the health, go for the kill or else come back.”

Our heart goes out when we see Rajat sobbing in front of the cameras, but same is not the case with the inmates. Andy was seen discussing with Shilpa and Apurva that Rajat’s meltdown is a sham, though we don’t know which side of the story to believe. Bhawna says, “I just wish Andy is right. I want this to be a sham. I want Andy to be right this time, but I don’t think Rajat is doing all this just to get attention. He is really sick. If he would have been fine and healthy he would have given it back to Andy and all those who are talking behind his back. He was very excited to be on the show. He did his homework well. He called his doctor from the States and made sure that he is fit to be inside the house. For someone who has got so much zest, I can’t believe all this to be just a hoax.”


We have all seen how much Rajat loves Gehna, while Rajat can send all his love through the show to his little girl; we got in touch with Gehna to send her daddy dearest a cheerful message. While Gehna is all decked up to see her dad playing the game so well, she is also pretty upset with the fact that Rajat is not well, and can’t fight back. Bhawna tells us that, “She keeps saying, why daddy isn’t answering to Andy and his taunts. In fact she wants to go inside the house and beat Andy for what all he has said about Rajat.”

We just hope Rajat can get well soon, not for himself but for his daughter who’s always there to cheer him up.

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