"I trust Sangram, blindly", says Payal
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Slowly grabbing eyeballs with his one-liners and simplicity is the Haryanvi wrestler Sangram Singh, playing it safe in the Bigg Boss House. But what has made him the talk of the town overnight is his hinglish connection with Elli. Rumours mills are a buzz that there can be something more than just friendship between them in the upcoming episodes. To know what might be cooking we caught up with Sangram’s real life love, Payal Rohatgi.


How does it feel seeing Sangram step into your shoes?

I’m enjoying the game and I feel he is playing amazingly well. I know it is difficult to be locked down inside a house where you don’t have a personal space and there are cameras gazing you 24×7. Sangram is a chilled out guy. I’m enjoying his one –liners and I’m happy that he is being talked about.


Sangram and Elli are bonding really well in the show. How do you feel, are you possessive or jealous?

Sangram is one person I can trust blindly. I’m not at all insecure. He is a kind of guy who bonds with everyone. Be it Elli or someone else, I know when you are around some pretty ladies, locked inside the house, the camera needs some masala. I just hope that Sangram in return can learn some English from Elli. I’m very much chilled out as far as these link-ups are concerned.


Bigg Boss was your 1st reality show, you have been there and done that, so did you give any piece of advice to Sangram?

I have not given him any kind of tips or suggestion. It doesn’t help. I just helped him in his packing, bought some nice clothes so that he looks good on camera. He is a pehelwan who is happy with one shorts and tee. Instead he was the one who gave me gyan, to stay calm and be positive.


This leads to our next question, in the show also he has this thought of the day in which he gives his gyan to the inmates. This is liked by all. Which is your favorite one and have you been following it?

We have been together for 2 years now, and all he did was giving me gyan (laugh!). He is filled so much with positivity. He made me smile even on the saddest days. To Sangram nothing is negative and he is hardly affected by anything. For him to be good, do well and get the best, works. This is something that I also follow. He likes helping out people and giving them free advices, but there are instances when the person retaliates and misunderstands him, but I would like to tell this to everyone that his intentions are not wrong.




How is Sangram in Bigg Boss house different from the one you live with?

He is not, he is just the same. He starts his day with his yoga. Work-out is a stress buster for him. If you see him doing a rigorous work out then something is definitely bothering him. He, with his one-liners has taken my case very often. I’m just happy that for the next 3 months I’m not the bakra for his pranks. I’m just wondering why hasn’t, he used his face pack yet. Sangram is very peculiar about his face and once a week he has to pamper his face. 


We have seen Sangram pouring out his heart in front of the camera. Any reason why doesn’t he share all this with his friends inside the house?

He is a wrestler and it is very easy for him to loose his cool. He talks to the camera to vent it out. You cannot trust anyone inside the house, and cannot share everything with everyone. It is better to talk to the camera, than talk to the housemates. Everyone here is to play a game and one day or the other they would use it against you. At least he is talking to the janta and telling his side of the story.


Are you missing him? Any message that you want to give Sangram?

Well definitely yes. The house is very quiet here, but I want him to meet after 3 months only and not before that. I love him and he is looking good. Now that he is not getting his ghee inside the house, I’m happy that he’ll get rid of this habit now.

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