"I Hate You Like I Love You"
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  • July 7, 2012
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If Bharti would have wished for an Aircraft this week, she could have got one! We are not kidding. This week in Jhalak, Bharti who has been longing to hear those magical words from Remo, had a moment on the Jhalak stage. Termed as the new disco ball on the sets, Bharti did a Disco and portrayed the trait Capricorns are famous for; Ambitious.

In the performance you can see her partner, Savio wearing a support belt to lift her up. Bharti, who is known for her comic timings quipped, “85 kgs ko uthana aasan nahi hai. Jhalak will get over in 3 months, but his back ache will remain forever”.

Since beginning of the show, Bharti has been confessing her love for Remo and in this week’s performance she chose to dance on “I hate you, like I love you.” In an earlier episode as well, she had his picture stuck on her T shirt and we see her Blush when Remo said “I Love You Bharti” for her Lavni performance. Always waiting for his praise, she had declared before the show could start that he was her favorite judge. Going weak in the knees, she would go red while making Remo blush too.

This week, keeping in tune with her ambitious performance, Remo came up to Bharti and swept her into his arms and lifted her up, and Bharti clung on to him immediately. While Manish wittily asked Remo about his well-being, others including Madhuri cheered them as they hugged each other.


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