I don’t want a non-brainy chick: Adhhvik
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A lot is happening in Sohum’s love life in Bani – Ishq Da Kalma. One side there is Bani his love and on the other there’s Rajji his lawfully wedded wife. While he is in dilemma for whom to choose and which way to go, we had a little chit chat with Adhhvik aka Sohum and enquired about his romantic side. So all you girls out there!! Pull up your socks because a lot of revelations are coming through.

As Adhhvik what do you look for in a girl?
Well, firstly she should be sensible and intellectual. I don’t want a non-brainy chick. And secondly she should be presentable. For me it’s not about being beautiful, it’s about how to handle your personality. And yeah loving and caring are always a mandate, this goes without saying.

So from Bani – Ishq Da Kalma, who is more similar to your dream girl, Bani or Rajji?
That’s a difficult one. I have never thought of them that way. Both of them are quite similar to each other. Chirpy, down to earth very simple and it would be difficult for me to pick one out. I think I’ll pass this one.

What is your relationship status?
Sorry to break so many hearts but I’m very much committed.

So how’s is the Love of your life? Is she more like Bani or Rajji?
This is quite personal. She does not belong to the industry, so I really don’t want to comment on this.

Now that you have already broken quitea number of hearts, we’ll try and sooth those by asking you our next question. What should a girl do to impress Adhhvik?
(Laughs) That’s pretty easy because I’m someone who is impressed very easily. Even if someone comes and praises my work, I’m pretty much sorted. There is no hard and fast formula to woo me. I get loads of cute gifts from my fans, like the other day I got a very cute chota-mota card. But it’s better to stay grounded and there no bubble in my mind. My fans are showering all this love to Sohum and not Advik. As far as impressing someone is considered everyone has a different style and I respect that.

So, What if they want to woo Adhhvik as a person?
You got me on this one. (After thinking really hard)…Well, I’m a big foody. I just love food. So she should be a good cook and even if she isn’t she should be a good actor as in even if she pretends that she has cooked something for me, I’ll buy that fact.

What would be your romantic dream date like and with whom?
I think it would be a holiday in Spain. Because these days everyone is rushing to Spain including Ranbir and Katrina, so I’m really curious to know as to what is happening there. And I think with all due respect I would be going with Madhuri. I really admire her and I’m a big fan, actually 90% of my generation is in awe with her. So it would be me and Madhuri holidaying in Spain.

So we hope all you female fans have read this loud and clear. Enroll yourself in the cooking classes and meanwhile stay tune to this space to get a step closer to your favorite star.

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