I don’t compare myself with others: Raagini Makkar
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A group of 30 dancers got onto the stage and spread color, rhythm and a lot of kathak. We are talking about Raagini and Naadyog. Here is a little chit chat with the founder, choreographer and lead of the group Raagini Makkar.


How did ‘Raagini Makkar and Nadyog’ came into existence?
Dance is the most important part of my life, from the age of three I have been engrossed in the rhythm of Kathak. I also saw people running after the western culture and the western dance, so I decided if ever I have the capability I would set up an academy to teach Kathak. 

Tell us something about the struggle and hard work that went into this!
Oh! It was like a battle. People used to taunt me for doing all this ‘ta-thaiyaa’ but I took it as challenge rather than a de-motivational factor. I believe if we put in our hard work and devotion into something we really believe in, we will achieve our goals. Initially people didn’t take me seriously, but when they saw my performances and my will-power, they started having faith. And slowly a lot of hands have joined my group. I started with a group of five girls and now we are fifty and the count goes on.

Who is your favorite judge?
We like all three judges. Kirron Kher is the source of natural beauty and we adore her aura and her poise. Karan Sir is the entertainment guru and Malaika Ma’am knows the beauty of every performance. We as a team salute them.

Did you ever think of reaching the IGT finale?
We didn’t even think that we could make it to the semi-finals. But I’m overwhelmed with the kind of response we have been getting. People have started recognizing me. It feels great when you are walking down the road and people come up to you and compliment you. They respect us and they respect the art we put up on stage.

Who do you think is your toughest competitor?
Frankly speaking I haven’t seen any of the performances of other contestants. Why bother myself and question my ability? I know, we as a team, would do great. I don’t compare myself with others because every art has its own stand.

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